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Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Night in Puno

Please find my illustrious publication at yourlifeisatrip.com!

It's an excerpt of my book...so enjoy! The book is forthcoming. 

Thanks for the limelight, Judith.
Meanwhile, wishing everyone....a spring! Just any old spring would be great!
Love, Kate

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nightie Night...

Counting down the days until Kirsten Valdez Quade reads at Collected Works in Santa Fe!!

You may have seen her in, oh I don't know, the New Yorker? The Southern Review? The Best American shorts? The list goes on and on. Props to a lovely, humble woman who I've had the privilege of meeting. We in Santa Fe are beaming with pride!

She'll be reading from her new short story collection, Night at the Fiestas

See you Thursday, March 26 at 6 PM at Collected Works!

Our Lives are all Trips!

Check it!
A recent Santa Fe find.

Judith Fein and Ellen Barone run yourlifeisatrip.com, which features a massive collection of high quality travel narrative. This is concise (1000 word max) travel writing that takes you around the globe and across the street and, in Austin's case, into a wintry Virginia. 

Thanks for a great find, Austin!

And meanwhile, dear readers, stay tuned.

My life is a trip, too, even though I can't remember the last time I left the land of enchantment.

And so my short essay on Pune, Peru will be available on the site by March 26!

Wishing all a happy spring.

Love, Kate