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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tres Camionetas

Pray for me, friends. Tomorrow I must take three chicken buses - camionetas - to Uspantan, where I will see for myself the homeland of Rigoberta Menchu and, more importantly, celebrate the lovely Hilary Kilpatric's birthday. Hilary is one year into her Peace Corps assignment there, and I can't wait to see where she works, what she does, and how she lives. I'll do my best to write reports during my two-ish weeks there, but I'm not sure how the internet will be. Nevertheless, in the meantime, think kindly of me whilst I'm riding one of these:

They're called chicken buses because, allegedly, you can bring anything on board, including your chickens.

In addition, pray for Liz, too. She leaves Guatemala tomorrow bound for Manchester, then for Denver, where she's scheduled to present on climate change at the Snow Sports Industry Association Conference. May she get there safely and on time! Sorry for all the snow you all must deal with, while I bask in sunshine and 75-degree days here in Guate.

Miss you all. xoxo

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