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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blogger Tracking

I recently discovered Blogger tracking. I know, I know. I have had this blog for six months (six months!! six months on the road!!) and I just discovered tracking. Still...muy interesante!!! And better late than never.

For example:

This week, people viewed my blog from Our Bountiful Nation (the US), Argentina (loyal Donigan), Iran (!?!), Belgium, Germany, Russia, and Singapore. Singapore...is that you, Sascha?

In addition, people used the following search terms to find my blog:

"and I can assure you that our world won't die as the papers say"
"good intentions outweigh good style"
"patagonia thirts road foodsteps" (? no se.)
"kate wellesley patagonia guatemala"
"belt she is wrapping"
"bottle of wine"
"dangers in Patagonia"
"norma shut off"
"the jw marriott parking lot six"

Whatever it takes, I suppose. Thanks for seeking me out, compadres! And have a lovely Sunday. xo 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I get a kick out of seeing what Google search terms and phrases brought people to my WordPress blog.

    And I am definitely your loyal fan from Argentina.