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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Behold, the niños of San Roque. Today was my last day for a couple of my classes, and to commemorate the occasion we took an abundance of photos. In addition, I was gifted many lovely things: a hand-knit hat, a hand-knit purse, a pen with a spiky green duck at the end, a bag of Ruffles, a container of some candy that comes in a little cup. Would Ivan Illich hate me for what I've done? Maybe so.
In any case, it is what it is. Good bye, San Roque! Thank you for a humbling and lovely time of it. 

Conversation from last night:
Eloesa: I want to see a picture of you with the kids! You'll look so tall and white!
Kate: Shut up.

Because it's true! That is just how I look. In real life the kids really aren't this tiny, it's just that Giant Kate is throwing off all proportions.


  1. What a grand group of kids. It must be difficult as you make these relationships then keep moving on south.

  2. Hey you!
    Como estas; que cuentas?
    Siempre en Quito? Lee me dice que te vas a bajar. por Peru?
    Soy en Cuenca ahora; pienso regresar a quito en la proxima semana, pasando por guaranda, banos y el oriente...
    Donde te vas? Me encontaria encontrarte de nuevo... Ademas, vamos en la misma direction: patagonia ;)
    Tienes un numero o un correo?
    Mios son : willblake@hotmail.fr y 08 825 75 75

    Oh,,,I forgot : I LOVE your writings, i just discovered them¨! Now I know why u spent so much time locked in your room ;)
    And thanks for the decription u made of me;;; just one thing, its called a CHARANGO (hard to find a banjo here I guess) ;))))

    Un abrazo my dear;;; See u on the roaaaaaaaad
    Rafa, the ;)nice french guy