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Friday, July 8, 2011


Dear ones, 

Just wanted to share a few images from the Ayacucho province. Today I visited the Wari ruins, which were only discovered in 2008 (despite occupying 22 roadside kilometers). They haven't been well-restored, but the landscape was incredible - really dry, because it's winter, and the hills are covered in cacti. Which the people eat here! I also went farther north to Quinua, which is a beautiful, tiny village built of whitewashed adobe buildings with terra-cotta roofs. A lovely time! Miss you all.

These are the friends I made at the Wari Ruins museum. See the mummy behind them? No one ever smiles in pictures here. 

And this was taken right above Quinua, where the battle of Ayacucho took place. The huge white obelisk commemorates that event.

And I took this in Quinua proper; most of the houses have these mini-houses stuck on the crux of the roof...very adorable.

Hi! Wish you were here with me. Besitos.

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