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Friday, July 22, 2011

By the Way

In honor of celebrating having working internet after many (many!) days, I googled good old Paul, and guess what little gem I discovered!


Oh yes, oh yes yes yes. Where can I get me frames like those? I'm not kidding; my glasses broke on the night bus to Cuenca. I am a blind bat.

Anyway, I've been feeling super close to Paul these days, reading and re-reading his book, especially the hilarious bits on Machu Picchu, and plus I was walking on the very tracks he rode over. PLUS, because of him, I trekked all over this country, spending hours on the bus or in remote (albeit incredible) Peruvian cities where I was known only as gringita. I'm stalking you now Paul, and I'm going to make you have an interview with me before all this is over.

I mean, he lives on Cape Cod!!!! Ptown, Paul? Ptown?



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