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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big cats

While I type away at my desk in my room, Pirucho sleeps on the floor. He's there so long I forget he's in the room, until I stand up and trip over him. He is a cat who constantly purrs and who loves to be held. When you pick him up, his front legs stick straight out like arms that don't bend. I love him so much. I can't even hold him today, because I'll hear him purr and it will make me cry. I leave this evening, and I hate goodbyes. It's not just him; it's this house, it's this life. I feel so sad today, so send some nice thoughts, okay?

Love, Kate

(he's mad at me here because he hates having his picture taken)


  1. Kate and her love affair with cats ... maybe you should have been a Vet.

  2. Nosotras tambien nos sentimos tristes cuando te fuiste. Pirucho ya volvió a la normalidad. Espero que tu viaje siga bien y seguir leyendo lo que escribes que me gusta muuucho! Alex