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Monday, June 1, 2015

Humble Stumblings

Read the June issue of Numéro Cinq, everyone!

And not just because DG has been kind enough to publish my humble stumblings, but because the whole issue will be beautiful and fiery and, if I know DG as well as I think I do, more than a little bit sexy.

So from where I sit in lush and steamy Carthage, Tennessee, I raise my glass to you, Doug: for putting my essay, "American Roads," on the Cinq, and also for using a better picture of me this time than the one I foolishly provided for you when you published "On White." Little did I know my name's Google results would forever show, first and foremost, a picture of me preparing to drink water from the Ganges.

Meanwhile: Happy June, dear readers! Summer on.

1 comment:

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