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Friday, May 13, 2011

NOT so fun....

Darn you blogger! Hopefully everyone saw the posts I had up, of Quito and environs plus my lovely girl Eloesa (she just finished her Masters coursework!)...because Blogger has erased them! Epic fail!!! Maybe Donigan is right. Can somebody help me figure out how to switch to Wordpress? So far I've downloaded the program, opened the folder, looked at the many, many files in there, and gotten really confused. Help! Help! Cousin William? Donigan himself? I do not belong in the technology generation.

Love, Kate


  1. I haven't done it myself, Kate. But I have a regular reader of my blog who did convert from Blogger to Wordpress. I'll send him an email and ask him to get in touch via your site. I'm sure he can help you. He is a fine writer named Brad Green.

  2. Until and if you hear from Brad, there is a set of instructions from the Wordpress support site that discusses how to import into WP a blog from Blogger (and other platforms). If you already have gone through the process of setting up your Wordpress blog, chosen a theme, and all that, then from the "Dashboard" of your new blog, you follow the directions given in the following link. It may be a pain in the ass to get it all set up, but once you've done it, I think you'll be happy with a more professional look and platform.


  3. Hi Kate,

    If you've already claimed your wordpress blog name (patagonianride.wordpress.com perhaps), then the import is fairly simple. When you log into the Wordpress site and load the dashboard for your blog, there's an Import function under Tools. If you've tried that recently and had a problem, be aware that Blogger just underwent a 20+ hour outage from what I understand, and if you were trying to import during that time, it might have failed.

    As for downloading the progam...I'm not sure what you're referring to--WordPress is totally online. No software to load.

    If you need help, let me know. I'd be happy to set up your account for you. All you'd need to do is change the password when I'm through. Let me know via email if you're interested in that.

    Nice to meet you!


  4. So, thank you both for all of your help and guidance. I tried switching to Wordpress, and I just can't handle it right now. Yes, blogger ate my posts, but there's so much work I'll have to do if I switch over right now, and I just would rather focus on the writing. Once I have more time...perhaps after my work with crazed ninos of Ecuador is done, I shall apply myself to having a better, stronger blog. In the meantime I changed some of the font on this blog and I'm hoping it makes me feel better about this blog silliness.

    Love, Kate