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Friday, May 27, 2011

This View

Quito's Museum of Contemporary Art is located in a gorgeous white building above the La Basilica cathedral, near the city's historic center. From the park that surrounds the museum, you can see all of Quito, it feels like: the volcanoes on the horizon, and the way the city stretches so long. The museum itself was once a hospital, and you can tell. There are so many hallways, doorways, little rooms.

The museum's naturally lit interior and bright walls energize the brick foundation and those gleaming floors. The gallery leaves plenty of space between works - actually, I felt like display space was being wasted. Still, really gorgeous, and how nice to escape the city streets for this. The whole place breathes.

From the northern courtyard, La Basilica cathedral is visible. 

Amazing landscaping...



And the painting I loved the most. The artist's name is Daniel Manta Angeles, and the piece is called Constelacn de Rosa. Angeles is one of three Peruvian artists featured at the museum right now; each share an attention to the primal, the organic and the ancestral. 

Lovely, right? With the red wall?

Wish you all were here...Love, Kate

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