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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extraordinary Writing by the Lovely Christine

How beautiful, this heartfelt post, from one Stevens Fellow to another.

An excerpt:

 I know I should go to the museums, but all I want to do is ride down the streets. When I finally stuffed the mint floss into my pannier I thought about how buying a piece of fruit at the Bandu Market would sometimes take me 45 minutes because I would stop and explore every stall. Is this what Mary Elvira Stevens meant when she stipulated that fellows should have a “deep love of beauty?” Has traveling alone impaired your time management skills?

- By Christine Grant, as posted on her awesome blog, Shift. You can read all about her project there; she's a great writer and a brave soul - and she's incredibly generous, too! (She once gave me my very own corner of her tiny room in northern Thailand for upwards of two months. It was fun.)

I miss you, dear girl! xx

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