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Friday, September 2, 2011

On ‘Redeemers' by Enrique Krauze

Discovered this: a fine review of a book worth reading. Thanks NY Times! How lush it always is to start a new month with you, my 20 free articles renewed.  

Enrique Krauze, Mexican historian and Letras Libres editor, documents in 'Redeemers' a history of political ideas in Latin America during the late 19th and 20th centuries in the form of a series of biographical portraits.

Here's an excerpt from Paul Berman's [slightly swoony] review:
"People who love novels recognized long ago that Latin Americans in a storytelling mood were producing some of the world’s liveliest fiction. “Redeemers” raises the suspense-inducing possibility that Latin Americans in a political mood have likewise done something worthy of worldwide attention. They have tried, with mixed success but unflagging brio, to address the vast conundrum, political and cultural, of a modern age that has ended up dominated by the magnetic power of the United States."

Shall one of my beloved visitors bring me this book as a gift? Will Christmas come early for Kate? Quizas! Quien sabe! Miss you all. x

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