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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I don't really like it...

When Blogger doesn't post certain comments left by certain brothers of mine. Or when I edit my post and the edits show up just fine for me, but then Alex and Vicky read said post and get mad because they think I spelled their cat's name wrong, when I really fixed it!

Any other Bloggers having troubles?

Come on now Blogger COME ON! It's too late to switch platforms at this point, plus I am too lazy busy to do that, PLUS, remember how much of an hijo de puta the whole process was last time?

I am missing you all, though, despite my resentment towards Blogger.  Thinking of covered bridges in Vermont and hoping everyone's safe.

Love, Kate


  1. I'm your super fan commenter, and I have had comments disappear when I thought they were posted. It's not unique to your brother.

    For example, I am adding to this one, because I tried three times to post it and it never left the comment box. Here goes the fourth try.

  2. addendum: evidently there is some "new interface" which blogger "recently updated"...we shall see, blogger, we shall see.

    in the meantime, STOP SUCKING! kate