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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeing La Paz

Below are a few images from La Paz, which Paul Theroux described as having a woundlike landscape. I think he said that because he suffered a bad cut to his hand while in this city (accidentally self-inflicted, poor Paul) and was forced to mope around town for a while, visiting a number of pharmacies and leaving, eventually, with a white mitt over his hand and a scar that would stay with him forever.

So, woundlike? I think not. That sounds kind of gross to me. Yes, La Paz has the colors of a wound - red and white stone, red roofs, always the pavement and dirt roads - but it's vibrant and green in parts, with exciting food and great murals and begrudgingly nice people. The bread ladies didn't like me, though. Can I see the bread? I would ask. It's just bread, how many do you want. 

Or, May I please have a bag for my bread? I might inquire. No one gets a bag for two breads, NO ONE.

Okay then!

In any case, enjoy these pictures from high and chilly La Paz!


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  1. Hi my dear, I've just been spending some time catching up on your blog, and it has been a great treat. I almost feel that I am with you--you write so beautifully. I'm incredibly impressed by your skill and your bravery as you travel and see all these amazing things. Let's try to chat soon. love, Liza